13-year-old Odisha girl wins Google Science Fair award

A 13-year-old understudy from Odisha, Sripada Srisai Lalita Prasida, has won the Community Impact Award at the Google Science Fair in the 13-15 years age classification for adding to a water purifier that works utilizing waste corn cobs.

13-year-old Odisha girl wins Google Science Fair awar

Prasida, who thinks about in class 9 at DPS Damanjodi in Odisha’s Koratpur area, was recompensed $10,000 as prize cash and will be coached by Google to construct the venture.

As a venture’s component, Prasida utilized waste corn cobs as a part of request to clean sanitize water from residential and in addition modern squanders by applying the standard of adsorption.

13-year-old Odisha girl wins Google Science Fair awar

In her examination, Prasida found that waste corn cobs have the capacity to adsorb contaminants like salt oxides, cleanser, suspended particles, shaded colors, oil, oil and even some substantial metals.

About the utilizations of this novel system for water decontamination, Prasida’s page on the Google Science Fair site says:

“On the off chance that the channel funnel of family unit is joined with a chamber having distinctive layers of corn cobs in segment layers or to a S-trap funnel having corn cobs, it will isolate about more than 70-80 % of contaminants including suspended particles from the waste water. So also, the manufacturing plant outlet channels conveying effluents must be opened to five between joined chambers having long cuts of corn cobs, bits of corn cobs, powder of corn cobs, initiated charcoal of corn cobs and fine sand for the simple adsorption of TSS and synthetic toxicants, both natural and inorganic.”

13-year-old Odisha girl wins Google Science Fair award

Prasida likewise says that corn cobs can be utilized to clean water bodies like lakes and waterways, alongside tanks. The site says, “Corn cobs fitted to bamboos covered on the ground floor of the lakes and permitted a few weeks to stand can be helpful for cleaning of water in lakes, tanks and waterways. This is likewise valuable to clean overhead water tanks of individual family units and group tanks.”

13-year-old Odisha girl wins Google Science Fair awar

While corn cobs are broadly accessible as a farming biowaste, Prasida says more concoction and physical examinations are required for their commercialization for water refinement.

Prasida’s enthusiasm for science was started by her experience with a tribal rancher who educated her about the low use of corn cobs. This started her trip to discover more approaches to utilize waste corn cobs.

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