15-year-old tiger caught in Kerala

15-year-old tiger caught in Kerala

A 15-year old tiger, which had killed a few dairy animals and goats in two towns, was today caught by woodland authorities close Kottnode in Sulthan Bathery in Wynad area.

The creature was not able to chase because of its age and its chasing domain had contracted down. Its development was limited to a little region of 1-2 kms..

The creature had strayed to an adjacent settlement at Odapallam on July 11 and executed a cow and two goats after which it backpedaled to the woodlands.

Timberland authorities were educated by villagers and watching started to find the creature. The following day, it went to Kottnode and killed two dairy animals, making frenzy among villagers.

The authorities then laid a trap at both the spots and the creature was gotten early today. It is sent to Thrissur zoo.

A youthful tiger had couple of days back killed a young in a town in the area. The timberland division had gotten data that a tiger had been gotten at Bandipur asylum and it is suspected that the youthful creature was the particular case that assaulted and executed the adolescent in wynad.

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