Panic aAt Surat Airport As SpiceJet Flight Hits A Buffalo On The Runway

Over 140 passengers on the Delhi-bound SpiceJet flight SG 662 from Surat had a miraculous escape last evening after a stray buffalo ran onto the runway as the aircraft was about to take off.

In the moments after the incident there was much confusion between the airport authorities and the SpiceJet pilot as to which stray animal they had hit at around 7.25pm.

Sources at the airport said that it was a stray buffalo and that the impact was very heavy, with the aircraft sustaining a considerable amount of damage to its body.

The pilot immediately stopped the aircraft and drove it into the parking area to check the damage.

“A Surat-to-Delhi SpiceJet aircraft, SG-622, carrying around 140 passengers excluding crew members hit a buffalo on Thursday during take-off roll at Surat airport,” airline spokesperson Siddharth Kumar told the media.

“All passengers and crew members are safe and will be provided with an alternative arrangement soon,” Kumar said.

As a result of the incident, SpiceJet has decided to suspend its services at Surat airport for an indefinite period.

“Suspension will be effective as soon as possible,” Kumar said.

The passengers from Delhi to Surat alighted at the airport and the passengers bound to Delhi boarded the flight. It took about an hour for the flight to get on the runway for take-off to Delhi.

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