16-Year-Old, A teen girl is fighting for her life in Chandigarh

16-Year-Old, A teen girl is fighting for her life in Chandigarh 

A teenager young lady is battling for her life in Chandigarh after she set herself ablaze, professedly not able to endure rehashed badgering by three stalkers in her town in Punjab. No one has been captured as such.

The 16-year-old’s announcement, recorded in doctor’s facility by her sibling on a cellphone, says that three men from her town bothered her on a transport a week ago as she was going home from school. She says they additionally beat her up, yet she didn’t gripe to her dad in light of the fact that she was concerned he would prevent her from going to class.

The youngster says the men had irritated her on a few different events more than four months as a method for getting even with her sibling, with whom they were warring over area.

After she was stalked on the transport, the understudy returned home, poured lamp oil over herself, and afterward lit a match.

The police in her town say that her suicide endeavor is connected to a family issue and have declined so far to enroll a case.

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