5 Absolutely Worst Foods To Eat…?

An average adult eating 2000 calories a day needs to be aware of ‘good’ calories and ‘bad’ calories. Is it wise to eat a 500 calorie pastry for lunch? Or will a bowl full of sugary ice-cream suffice for dinner? The answer is No. A diet filled with junk food, processed food and fried food is far from healthy as it increases the risk to major health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

With that in mind, we have a list of 5 worst foods to eat as they make you gain weight, trigger inflammation, reduce immunity and zap your energy. Do your best to banish these unhealthy indulgences from your diet completely, or eat them only on rare occasions.

1.  Soda Drinks

Soda Drinks

All soda drinks are nothing but liquid candy – they have no nutritional value and tons of empty calories. These are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup with some artificial colouring…how healthy can that be? It not only damages your teeth, but also expands your waistline. Some studies show that they also weaken the bones. Banish all soda drinks from your diet and stay away from their ‘diet’ variants; artificial sweeteners are even worse than sugars for your overall health in the long run.

2.  Table Sauces

Table Sauces

Tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard sauce and packaged salad dressings — they certainly make your life simpler when you want to add some flavour to your bland food. But, at what cost? The reason these bottles do not require refrigeration and have a long shelf life is because they have been engineered to not deteriorate with preservatives and additives, sweeteners, salt, bad fats including trans fats.  What is worse, we often don’t even count the amount of table condiments we eat, thinking of them to be just seasoning, when they actually add a lot of unwanted calories to an otherwise healthy meal. Homemade chutneys and sauces that are free from preservatives are a better option for added flavouring.

3.  Pre-packaged Popcorn

Pre-packaged Popcorn

Microwave popcorn as well as movie-theatre popcorn may be worse than a bag of chips! It’s popped in bad oils and laden with cheap butter-flavoured chemicals! The worst though – the fats, salt and calories that go with the delicious and easy-to-make microwave popcorn. While it is promoted as a ‘healthy’ snack, a single bag of microwave popcorn can contain up to 24 grams of fat, 600 mg of salt and up to 600 calories.

4.  Sugary Breakfast Cereals

Sugary Breakfast Cereals

Sure, packaged breakfast cereals are easy to eat for breakfast when you have no time to cook. They are also sold with the promise of being ‘multi-grain’ and ‘full of fibre’ and ‘healthy’. FYI – None of this is true. With a high amount of sugar and gluten, these sugary breakfast cereals will ruin your body inside-out and cause gastric distress, skin breakouts and an expanding waistline.

5.  Deep Fried Snacks

Deep Fried Snacks

This one is a no brainer – deep fried food is extremely unhealthy, and that includes French fries, chicken nuggets, aloo tikkis and chips. Cooking foods at high temperatures in ordinary vegetable refined oils causes them to form toxic compounds on the outside, which also increase risk for stroke and heart diseases.

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