8 Benefits of Papaya From Beauty to Prevention of Diseases

8 Benefits of Papaya From Beauty to Prevention of Diseases

8 Benefits of Papaya From Beauty to Prevention of Diseases

This is an organic product which you come to adore once you build up a preference for it. It is not the widely adored, but rather the individuals who cherish it think that its difficult to get by a morning without diving into a dish of newly cubed papayas. The orange-shaded substance is exceptionally enticing to be sure, yet what puts a great many people off, is the slight severe delayed flavor impression that goes with the generally sweet organic product. This is the motivation behind why kids are regularly particular about it and rather go for evil mangoes, grapes, berries and so forth. Have it all alone or group it with a blended organic product dish, it is a vitality promoter.

Accepted to be a local of Central America, developing along the Caribbean coast, the tree was viewed as sacrosanct by the Mayans for its different restorative properties. The natural products are not by any means the only portion of the tree that was viewed as profitable, the leaves, seeds, and blossoms too have recuperating forces. It is additionally said that the considerable voyager Christopher Columbus used to allude to it as “product of the heavenly attendants”. What makes papaya such an unfathomable fixing is the vicinity of the protein papain alongside other fundamental supplements that cooperate to give you nature’s best.

8 Benefits of Papaya From Beauty to Prevention of Diseases

The Benefits of Papaya

1. Digestion – The enzyme papain present in papaya is known to aid digestion by breaking down proteins. Therefore, a glass of papaya juice is often recommended as a home remedy for digestion-related problems or constipation.

2. Anti-inflammatory – Apart from papain, papaya also contains other effective enzymes that help against inflammation and promote healing of burns.

3. Heart Disease and Cancer – Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that work against free radicals and therefore is said to protect the body from possible heart diseases and cancer.

4. Diabetes – Many researchers have found that the consumption of raw papaya could help maintain blood sugar level and cholesterol because of the high fiber content, thereby keeping a check on diabetes. According to a study done by the Centre of Excellence for Biomedical and Biomaterials Research at the Mauritius University, green tea and fermented papaya work together as preventive means for diabetes. In some parts of India, especially the North East, papaya flowers are locally used as a preventive measure against diabetes. The bitter flowers are lightly sautéed in a little oil and consumed as a side to rice on a regular basis.

5. Immunity – Papaya is a great source of vitamin A, B, C, and K and is known as an excellent immunity booster. It is great for the growth of body tissues, including hair and skin. It helps in maintaining collagen, the structural protein of connective tissues. It is said that a medium-sized papaya could provide you double your daily requirement of vitamins.

6. Cleansing – Beauty experts too, often suggest using slices of papaya as a natural skin cleanser as the active enzymes work wonders to remove impurities.

7. Arthritis – It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and copper. Regular consumption helps in building up the calcium bank in the body and in the long run could help keep a check on arthritis.

8. Dengue – Papaya leaves are commonly used in the treatment of dengue to help boost up the count of platelets. Dr. Anju Sood, a Bangaluru-based nutritionist says, “Dengue is an infection which affects the blood platelets massively. A simple remedy to get back the platelets count is to give the patient a glass of papaya leaf juice. It is prepared by grinding the leaves with a small amount of water to extract the juice.” However, dengue can prove to be fatal once it develops into Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever which shuts down the circulatory system.

9. Weight Loss – papaya is low in calories and therefore proves to be the perfect option for breakfast. A serving of 140 grams of the fruit contains only 60 calories, with total fat 0.4 gram, no cholesterol, 15.7 gram carbohydrates and 2.5 gram dietary fiber.


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