A Charged Mobile Phone Is Your Check-In Pass With British Airways

British Airways announced tough new security measures yesterday which will see passengers barred from US-bound flights if their electronic devices are not charged up.

In preventing passengers from flying, the airline is going one step further than the guidelines issued. These stated that gadgets will be confiscated before boarding if their owner fails to switch them on and prove they are not packed with explosives.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has said it will not allow mobile phones – especially the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy – on to planes bound for the US from some international airports if the devices are not charged.

But British Airways’ rules could see travellers with uncharged electronic devices – some of which are notorious for having short battery lives – not only lose their gadgets but also their seats on the flight.

And unwitting passengers whose batteries have run out during a stop-over, before taking a connecting flight to the US, face being stranded, unable to continue their journey.

A spokesman from British Airways was quotes saying to mail today that it was a new policy,  ‘If passengers are unable to power up their electronic device they will not be allowed to fly.

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