A Mother and Teen Battled Men on Bus, 14 year old teen dead

A day after a 14 year old teen dead diverted from a moving bus, the frightful elements of her most recent couple of minutes are rising now.

She attempted with her mom to escape the men on board who needed to attack her; the team of the transport joined in the stalking; no one acted to rescue.

“She was pushed out of a window. She hit her head,” said the teen’s grandmother.

Amid spiraling outrage over the incident, the home ministry has asked for a report on the incident.

The three men arrested so far include the bus conductor and a cleaner. Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal said, “It is unfortunate that this happened on a bus owned by our company.” Documents show that his daughter-in-law Harsimrat Kaur Badal has a stake in Orbit Aviation.

The teen and her mother were visiting a gurudwara or Sikh temple when their journey turned into one that’s being compared to that of Nirbhaya – the young Delhi student who was fatally gang-raped on a moving bus in 2012.

The girl and her mother were abused and groped by half a dozen men.

“No one helped. They first pushed my daughter off the bus, then me,” said the girl’s 38-year-old mother.  She alleged that when she pleaded with the driver to stop the bus, he drove even faster.
The teen died on the road.  Her mother is now in hospital with serious injuries.

“A Himalayan blunder has happened. A great sin,” said Mr Badal, who heads a coalition government with the BJP. “It could have happened on any bus…no matter who the bus belongs to, I’m very sad that such a thing has happened.”


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