As Actor Chiranjeevi jumps queue at polling booth,Voters forces him to stand in queue

HYDERABAD: Union minister Chiranjeevi had to suffer ignominy at a polling booth at Jubilee Hills on Wednesday as a voter questioned him on why he was jumping the queue to cast his vote.

The Congress leader, who is also spearheading the Congress campaign in Seemandhra, is a voter in Jubilee Hills constituency in Hyderabad.

He came to the polling booth to vote along with his family.

Dressed in white, as Chiranjeevi was walking straight into the polling booth, a voter who had been waiting to cast his vote, stopped Chiranjeevi.

“Don’t’ you think you should stand in the queue? Is it right?” the man demanded to know.

An embarrassed Chiranjeevi tried to argue, but the man stood his ground.

With no one at the polling booth showing any interest to come to Chiranjeevi’s rescue, the Union minister grudgingly, but smiling, went back and stood in the queue.

He tried to show that he had not lost his cool and tried to look cheerful but the anger was evident on his and his family members face.

With Chiranjeevi forced to stand in the queue, the voter who confronted him became an instant hero for everyone at the polling booth.

Everyone joined their hands and applauded the man who smilingly but humbly acknowledged the appreciation.

Chiranjeevi and his family had to stand at the last in the queue and wait for their turn to cast their vote.

However, none of the other film stars who cast their vote tried to show their importance at the polling booths they cast their votes.


Source : TOI


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