Actors Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett to star in’The Jungle Book':Origins

Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett have joined the cast of upcoming Warner Bros. film ‘Jungle Book: Origins.’

The project, which would be helmed by Andy Serkis, now stars Bale, Blanchett, Naomie Harris, Tom Hollander, Eddie Marsan and Peter Mullan along with Benedict Cumberbatch as the animal characters, while young actor Rohan Chand plays the human boy Mowgli, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

The Rudyard Kipling story, which centers on the orphaned boy, Mowgli, raised by wolves, was adapted to script by Callie Kloves wrote, while her father, Steve Kloves, produces with Jonathan Cavendish.

The movie, which would be a mix of motion capture, CG animation and live action, would see Serkis play Baloo the bear, Bale for the voice of Bagheera the panther, Blanchett as the voice of sinister python Kaa, while Cumberbatch voices the killer tiger Shere Khan.

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