Adnan Sami Takes a Dig at Pakistan

Adnan Sami Takes a Dig at Pakistan

Pakistani born singer Adnan Sami has been granted permission to stay in India for indefinite period. However, 46-year-old singer is under the impression that Pakistanis are not very happy about his stay in India and they are burning his effigies.

Adnan Sami said in a statement, “I’m very thankful to the Indian ­government for considering my plea. But I’m waiting for the day the government grants me ­citizenship of this country. Right now I’m from no man’s land because my Pakistani ­citizenship has been renounced now”.

“I have heard that people in Pakistan are not very happy with this news and are burning my effigies. But I’m happy that I have finally found my home,” the singer added.

This came after the Pakistani singer submitted a representation to the Indian Home Ministry on May 26, 2015 requesting his stay in India on humanitarian grounds. The representation submitted by Mr Sami, a Pakistani national, has been considered carefully by the Home Ministry, who later granted him a free-stay in India for an indefinite period.

He said, “The love, adulation and warmth that I got from India is the reason why I chose this country. People all over the world know me as an Indian artist. I could have chosen any other country and wouldn’t have had to go through problems claiming my citizenship. But it is India where my heart is and has always been”.

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