After ‘Thor’ Marvel announces New Captain America

Sam Wilson, formerly known as the Falcon, will take on the role of Captain America

After ‘Thor’, the Marvel is updating another of its superheroes with Sam Wilson, formerly known as the Falcon, slated to take over the role of Captain America. Wilson will be taking on the cowl and the shield in a brand new series.

Recently, Marvel also replaced Thor with an all—powerful female face and now it is going ahead with this new change, which was announced by Marvel CCO, Joe Quesada, on Comedy Central’s ‘The Colbert Report’, said the Hollywood Reporter.

Wilson, created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan, first appeared in 1969’s ‘Captain America’ #117 and was the first African—American super hero in mainstream comics.

He reached up to the co—star status in 1971 when the series was retitled ‘Captain America and theFalcon’.

Wilson has made appearances often. He was most recently seen in ‘Avengers’, ‘Mighty Avengers’ and the current ‘Captain America’ series.

The character also debuted on the big screen earlier this year in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’.

Wilson will take on the role of Captain America in October’s ‘Captain America’ #25, written by Rick Remender with art by Carlos Pacheco.

There are rumours that the publisher has similar pivotal plans for Iron Man.

All these superheroes have their own movie franchises.

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