Anushka Sharma on sports, fitness, eating habits, and why she loves Virat Kohli’s personality.

The svelte Anushka Sharma can be often spotted playing badminton, basket ball, table tennis and a host of other sports. But don’t you dare call her thin! She prefers slender and athletic.

Here, the actress shares her fitness regimen.

I wouldn’t call myself a fitness freak. But if I don’t work out, I don’t feel good. Earlier, when I was modelling, I had no time for workouts or sports. But today it’s a habit. I have a friend, who in my opinion, personifies being a `fitness freak’. He works out for four hours a day and his life revolves around it. I’m not like that. For me it’s a joy, not an obsession.


I know it’s better to exercise in the morning but I’m not a morning person at all. I exercise in the morning only if I’m shooting in the evening. I rarely miss my training session. Unless of course I’m unwell, because then working out is counterproductive.

I prefer working out at home because I know I will do it for sure. In Mumbai, travelling for anything is pretty annoying. Also, my gym is in my building.

Changing your workout routine is the key. My trainer insists on it. Sometimes, we box or do resistance bands. I like running too.


You are generating energy while working out. So what’s the point of consuming nutritional bars and energy boosters, especially when you’re in a bid to lose weight? After my workout, I have a protein shake. It’s highly recommended because you’ve just broken down your muscles. And you have to nourish them so that they recover fast. Also, I sip on water between weight training sessions. Then I eat a complete meal.

In school, I was athletic and fond of sports. I was an avid bad minton, basketball and table tennis player. I’m a good swimmer too.

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I’ve started practising yoga with a teacher. I do it five times a week for an hour. I even do headstands against the wall. Yoga helps digestion. It also works as an instant mood elevator. I combine it with my workouts.

I often work out with my parents. I used to take them to the gym every day at one point. My dad has been a commander in the army. So he’s done the real deal. He thinks whatever we do is all bull**** and childish. My father’s particular about food habits. He’s always telling us to eat right.

I feel privileged to be born in a generation where gadgets aren’t the only source of entertainment. Today’s kids are hooked to gadgets. My kids will always be engaged in sports. Sports are best for personality development. See sportspersons like Saina Nehwal and Virat Kohli. Notice the way they talk. They’re driven individuals. Every child needs to learn a sport. It inculcates character.

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Never! What do I say about being dubbed `anorexic’ by the media? It was such a rubbish PR activity. It got blown out of proportion. That incident stressed me out so much that I lost even more weight.

It’s easy to control your diet. Just don’t order the wrong stuff. The foodie that I am, I let myself go if I like a particular dish. I stock healthy stuff at home. Junk food isn’t my thing. I don’t crave it.

I choose beats that are fast and charge you to work out harder. I love cheesy songs but I also listen to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Prodigy and Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor are always on my playlist. My choice in music is random because I go by my mood.


FRANCIS MISQUITTA(weight trainer) 
“Anushka is a strong-willed girl. And that’s what keeps her fit. No matter how hard her day gets, she pushes her limits. She has fabulous mindbody coordination. Her form is immaculate.

She’s also a quick learner. As for her diet, we don’t give her one because she dotes on homemade food. She can’t do without it. Her taste buds don’t crave unhealthy junk food. A strict diet makes no sense.”

EEFA SHROFF (yoga instructor) 
“Anushka does the basic hatha yoga. There are two styles to yoga, one is the freeflowing kind and the other is static but strength-based. She’s more inclined towards the latter. She’s spiritual and has a steady mindset. Even as a beginner, she does the headstand for six minutes, which is a huge deal.



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