Astrology more famous than astronomy..

We come across many people ,and find their humour different from each other . Here lies a science which let you predict about this before you met them.Just having a knowledge in astrology

. There are twelve basic zodiac which makes an individual base, among your moon sign or sun sign which rule you is sun sign,so let’s have a look around.I will be only telling the must haves……..astrology3_2

Aries comes the first the basic nature of them is child like their eyes carry innocence,they are loyal and a positive sign and has a habit of repeating same mistake again and again they do not learn from their mistakes. Aries can be a good leader but lack wisdom. They want importantce and can’t tolerate ignorance as a child also they want attention,they are less emotional and more practical. 21March to 21april come under this fire sign.

Taurus they are from 21april to 20 may they are not competitive lives a simple life and can find happiness easily, they are robust ,constructive and calculative ,they are bull headed  their anger is the worst part. And affected organs are lungs and throat.They are quite materialistic but attached to family and they are mature in thought.

Gemini from 21 may to 21june ,they are intelligent people and they are masculine.They can’t stay on one thing and their curiosity is insatiable,they are sensitive their anger is not good for them ,they take responsibility and obsess and possesses everything ,they are selfish and I factor rule them.

Cancer from 22 June to 22july its a water sign and a negative sign ,their mood swings describe them ,they can show all the emotion at a time ,they are greedy and suspicious. They are stubborn ,lazy and moody just can’t tolerate ignorance and highly jealous sign.But on the other side they are well determined.

Leo from 23 July to 22 august they are also a positive sign ,less emotional and more practical ,they are lazy and  materialistic, they make good friends they are quite loyal and makes other happy.Leos can’t be grounded they have a factor of mein them.

Virgo from 23 august to22 September ,they believe in I serve equation,they are divine not ambitious loyal and easily get onto.They are perfectionist and knows how to talk,more inclined towards spirituality and do not believe in making enemies.

Libra from 22 September to 22 october,they are highly balanced sign they are charming and flirt with this highly diplomatic and become good leaders,they are introvert and polite.And easily adjustable,do not believe in fighting believes in resolving the issue.

Scorpio from 23october to 21 November,it is a negatively sign and highly jealous sign with this this sign is quite mysterious they keep on testing others and their ruling part is genitals,they are ambitious and highly emotional and infectitious and mature in thinking.Make loyal friends and possess their lover.

Sagittarius 22 November to 22 December,they believe in we always carry a great circle with them they are positive ,adjustable and loyal ,they are straight forward and easy to carry on and love freedom ,no one can bind them.

Capricorn from 21 December to19 January, its a cardinal and a strong sign,they are introverted and cold they are fighters,more inclined towards religious setup,highly disciplined and follow rules and regulations,they are obedient and perfectionist.

Aquarius from20 January to 18 February, it is a air sign easy to mingle ,they are talkative  ,adjustable and over friendly they believe in making good relation and they are quite mature tough to get befooled

. Pisces from 19 February to 20 march,they are suspicious, enthusiastic they love to travel,they are emotional,sensitive and adaptable.They are moody and confuse and a mature sign ,these people are good in keeping secrets.

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