Beauty primers for your complete routine

It doesn’t seem all that long ago since we were in the dark about the immense benefits that using a primer under our makeup could provide. I’m sure many of us well remember the feeling of getting to the end of the day and looking in the mirror only to realise that the entire face of makeup carefully applied that morning had melted in its entirety to chin level.

The benefits of priming your skin before applying makeup are now well known, but there are a wealth of other primers available which all provide an invaluable starting point to a flawless look. Starting with a good primer can make a huge difference to every area of your beauty regime. Clockwise from left, these are the amazing priming products we here at Pure have in our arsenal:


1. Thalgo Source Marine Perfect Glow Primer (£24.00 from – Traditional in that it is a pre-make up primer, but unique as it is the first marine  ‘airbrush effect’ skin perfector which illuminates the skin with light infused beauty. French marine brand Thalgo is known for innovative products which are based on decades of research and exploration of the world’s oceans to source new and sustainable algae which provide unique benefits for the skin.

2. Mary Kay Lash Primer (£10.00 from – The benefits of this amazing product are clear. Applied pre-mascara the amazing formula encourages your mascara to go the extra mile resulting in more voluminous, longer-looking lashes. Amazingly the primer also strengthens and helps condition the lashes whilst lifting the lashes and helping them stay curled longer. Genius.

3. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (£28.00 from – The first and still the only pre-shampoo conditioning mask, the iconic Elasticzier originally launched 40 years  ago for Audrey Hepburn is the only hair primer product available on the market. Intensely moisturising, Elasticizer delivers a rush of moisture to the hair’s cuticle resulting in suppleness, elasticity or bounce without weighing down or coating the hair. Followed by shampoo and conditioner, results are visible from one application and improve with continued use.

4. Mary Kay TimeWise Age-Fighting Lip Primer (£16.00 from – Anything that helps lipstick to stay put has got to be worth a go! This primer specifically for the lips from Mary Kay is designed to extend lipstick wear and decrease the need for reapplication, whilst cleverly making lips look healthier by fighting fine lines and wrinkles – quite the multi-tasker.

5. Thalgo Bronzing Activator Lotion (£24.50 from –  Whilst a primer in a traditional sense primes our skin in preparation for application of more products, this genius formula from French marine beauty brand Thalgo is designed to prime our skin in order to intensify and prolong a tan with less exposure to sun, The tan-accelerating formula helps stimulate melanin production with an Inositol derivative capable of intensifying and prolonging a natural tan.

6. Mavala Mava-White Optical Nail Whitener (£11.00 from leading department stores and salons) – Priming your nails for colour application is a step which shouldn’t be missed in your manicure. Any staining or discolouration on your nails can mean that the end result is different to the true colour of the nail polish in the bottle. Mava-White hides the unsightly appearance of dull, stained nails whilst giving them a natural and healthy look. It works as an optical colour perfector for the nails thanks to the specific pigments that react to UV light to ensure that the colour of your nails is a true to the hue in the bottle as possible.

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