Bengaluru Man kills 3 Kids so that he could marry their Mother

Bengaluru Man kills 3 Kids so that he could marry their Mother

A Bengaluru man has been captured for abducting and killing three kids – matured 4, 6 and 8 – so that he could wed their mom.

Faheem Baig, a circuit repairman who was hung on Monday, admitted to dropping the youngsters into a sewer vent that was flooding with sewage subsequent to lifting them up from school.

DCP east N Sateesh Kumar told Hindustan Times that Baig’s family had contradicted his arrangement to wed the lady in light of the fact that she as of now had youngsters. Rather than attempting to discover an answer, he chose to execute the youngsters.

The lady, recognized as Nagina Begum, and Baig lived in the same region, the KG Halli neighborhood of Bengaluru. The lady’s spouse had left her a year prior and moved to Hyderbad.

The kids – Sultan, 4, Afreen, 6, and Afnan, 8 – disappeared on August 27 and a monstrous manhunt was propelled for them. However, it wasn’t until Sunday that the lady uncovered her association with Baig to the police.

On being addressed, Baig admitted that he had grabbed the youngsters from school on August 27. They took after Baig, as he was a consistent guest to their home. That night, he murdered them.

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