These are the symtomps to be well known to a woman to prevent herself from BREAST CANCER.

Symptom #1: Lumps
If you notice a hard lump or knot, that is usually painless in your breast (either one or both), then it’s time to get a mammography done. Finding a lump does take a little bit of effort, and doing regular breast self exams are imperative to catch this symptom early.
Symptom #2: Slight hardening
Occasionally, you might not be able to discern a clear cut lump cannot, but a ‘lumpish’ feel is there. And this feel is different as compared to the same area of the opposite breast. You will feel a sort of hardening in one area of your breast(s) which must be investigated early. Usually this symptom is ignored as a minor change in the composition of your breast but, considering it could be an early indicator of breast cancer, get yourself tested as soon as you can.
Symptom #3: Nipple discharge
Under normal circumstances there should be no discharge from your nipples ‘(unless you are pregnant or have just had a baby), but if you see bloody or blood stained fluid being discharged from your nipples, it a sign that you need to visit your doctor immediately.
Symptom # 4: Change in the shape of your nipples
If you have noticed a recent ‘in drawing’ or ‘inward pull’ on your nipple or even a change in direction, it is a sign that there is something wrong. Normal nipples should face outwards and look healthy.
Symptom # 5: Change in the texture of the skin over your breasts
Usually the skin around your breast is soft and supple, but if you notice any change in the texture of the skin around your breasts it is a definite warning sign. According to Dr Sumeet Shah, if the skin around your breasts feels thick, hard and like an ‘orange’ peel, you need to get the reason for this thickening investigated immediately.
Symptom # 6: Knots in your arm pits
We all have lymph nodes in our armpits and these normally get inflamed when infected. But if you notice small ‘knots’ or nodes in your armpits that are slightly hard or painful to touch, it might be a sign of breast cancer.
Finally, the best way to detect the presence of breast cancer is to get regular breast examinations. Doing timely self examinations and periodic medical tests to check for any changes in your breasts is the best way to catch the condition early and increase your chances of a quick and effective recovery.

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