Body Brushing, The Hidden Secret

Bodybrushing may sound very unusual but its the traditional method to rejuvenate your biggest organ of our body that is ………any guess …..the skin …..most of them must be  facing skin problems and to get rid of it most of you must be shopping dermatologist like hell…

Now, I am going to share a secret which will definitely going to help you all that is , Body brushing. Its not like , its just brushing it is somewhat more than that ,if we will look into its number of benefits.Famous Victoria secret model Miranda Kerr secret of glowing skin is only and only bodybrushing .she has mentioned this in her various interview. For woman its so helpful that it can revitalise your skinto soul it transmit a positive energy to every cells of your body and in return you get a glowing skin which can make everyone jealous of you .If we talk about woman ,she is someone who is hidden secret on our planet and a talisman in everyone life she has contributed to , that’s why this hidden secret is for all the beautiful ladies out there.


Let’s start with the technique first the kind of brush which you should use is the soft bristle one not the harsh one . You can use all over the body like arms,underarms,legs,thighs and back.  Here, exception is only face.Now, the kind of stroke you have to apply on your body is downwards to upwards everywhere problem which you can face is with back because your hand just can’t reach there for that there are brushes with long handle and very convenient to handle too.Here I want to tell that one should use it regularly , you can use it before or after the shower….it it is more beneficial before the shower.

Its benefits are surprising one as you brush your body it exfoliate the dead skin with that it increases the circulation of blood all over to your skin and your vitals organs, as you brush your armpits ,neck and inner aspect of thighs you stimulate your lymphatic system which increases your immunity and make you ready to fight with germs which no other method can give you such kind of immunity.Even if you are having fever you can do bodybrushing and can notice a substantial difference in yourself.One more surprising fact is that most of the woman told us that their irregular menstrual cycle has become normal with this method without taking any pills and medicine. It even lighten your pigmented area remove tanning ,open pores and sweat glands,balances all the hormones reduces acne etc and most important it connect you to your inner soul and make you feel enthusiastic and full of positive energy .

In concluding ,this I can say keep spreading positivity and stay beautiful like any of the celebrity with full attitude because you are desirable and you worth it.


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