Bombay High Court suspends hearing in Salman Khan attempt at manslaughter case to July 13

The indictment blamed the resistance for utilizing postponing strategies.

The Bombay High Court on Wednesday dismissed knowing about Salman Khan’s allure against his conviction in the 2002 attempt at manslaughter case to July 13.

This is the second dismissal in the claim hearing.

Senior insight Amit Desai, speaking to the performer, looked for additional time from the court. The arraignment blamed the barrier for utilizing postponing strategies.

“This is only killing time,” open prosecutor Sandeep Shinde told Justice A.R. Joshi.

The barrier said they got the paper book of the case on Tuesday night and required time to confirm all the records were set up. They additionally looked for time to get ready interpretations of Marathi reports.

The court, in any case, dismisses the safeguard’s interest for three weeks time and remembered the matter for July 13, keeping “prior bearings of the court” to facilitate the request hearing.

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