Brain house of tapeworm…..


A parasitic tapeworm lived in the brain of British man for four years before doctors realised it was there, it has emerged.

The 50 year old first visited doctors in 2008 suffering from headaches, seizures, memory loss and complaining that his sense of smell had changed.Tapewo5T_2164012a

An MRI scan showed a cluster of what appeared to be lesions in his brain, but specialists were baffled as to the cause. And they were more surprised to find that the lesions kept moving. Brain scans over the next four years showed that the anomaly had travelled at least 5cm through the tissue.

Over the years, doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital in London took biopsies and tested the man for a number of diseases included HIV, lime disease, syphilis. However in 2012 they were amazed to find that among brain tissue was the remains of ‘10 cm ribbon-shaped larval worm.’ Once diagnosed the man was treated easily with drugs to kill the worm and has now completely recovered.

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