Bugbears in bedroom with the partner !!

Betta Living has found that the most detested bedroom habit in relationships is when your partner eats in bed. For 38% this could be a deal breaker if your partner does this on one of your first dates.


With a third of Brits who regularly eat in bad, this is a warning to stop if you are looking for love and want to keep your existing partner in your bed and not just in your head.

A close second is leaving dirty crockery on the bedside table- a book, a box of tissues, perhaps a lamp, but not mould ridden coffee cups and crusty plates please!

Smoking may look sexy on screen but in reality- it reduces your lung capacity, therefore making you less active when having sex and the butts stink the whole bedroom out! We are not sat outside a pub right now we are in our home and you ain’t gonna get any with that bedside decoration!

They may not smell as bad but phones, I pads and laptops are a real bugbear and these detract from kisses, cuddles and sex. Put the device down and get down and dirty with your partner!


Other obvious aggravations include;

Snoring- With work commitments still on our mind we don’t need you to keep us awake with your incessant rattling!

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Working in bed- This is a place of calm- don’t bring the stress of work in here too!
Stealing the covers- If buying two duvets is what we need to do then so be it!

Leaving clothes of the floor- We don’t want to date a teenager- but a grown man- please act like one!

Basic hygiene- If you don’t brush your teeth before bed- we ain’t kissing you and if you can’t be bothered to shower after the gym and a day at work, then forget any nookie either.

Talking in your sleep- Really you can’t shut up for eight hours of the day??
Phone calls in bed- I am trying to sleep- your booming voice next to me with the light on is really not helping my case!

Bedroom habits are evolving and rooms are merging into one. Just as many people watch TV in bed as they do in their living room- leaving you horizontal at least 4 times per week. With 1 in 5 houses who have a TV as big as their living room one in their bedroom, it’s no wonder that it’s more tempting than downstairs.

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