Cabin Crew staff of Air India are suspended


Air India has suspended 17 of its lodge group individuals including some senior air hostesses, pending enquiry , apparently for “delaying” several of the national carrier’s international flights citing “inadequate” rest period.

The requests issued last Friday marked by a right hand general administrator of the in-flight administrations, then again, did not relegate any purpose behind the suspension, sources said today. “You are put under suspension pending enquiry with prompt effect…. An itemized charge sheet will follow regarding the procurement of the guaranteed standing requests,” the request issued on May 22 said. Air India authorities said that move was made against these workers for “deferring” flights in the wake of refering to “insufficient” rest period, yet lodge group sources guaranteed that these air masters were just “following” to regulations.

As per flight controller DGCA’s rest period standards, “No air transporter may plan a lodge group to perform obligation in a plane for more than 11 hrs of flight time amid any 24 continuous hours without a rest period. “Prior to a lodge team is definite for a global flight, his or her rest period since the last flight should not be under 22 hours. Whatever is left of 22 hours will be either at home base or at another station from where the worldwide flight might start.”

The flights which were purportedly postponed as a result of these 17 air-masters incorporate administrations to Delhi from London, Milan and Rome and additionally from Jeddah to Calcutta and Kochi, sources said.

Flights to Rome, Milan and London from Delhi and the other way around are by and large of nine to nine-and-a-half hours term. Administrations to Jeddah from Mumbai and south are of around five-hour length of time. “Air India sends the lodge group, who are on such flights, for another flight refering to another regulation. Be that as it may, according to the DGCA, the 22-hour rest period standard can’t be over-ruled regardless,” the sources asserted.


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