कॉमेडी नाइट्स विद कपिल’ को रीप्लेस करेगा ‘कॉमेडी नाईट्स बचाओ’

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कॉमेडी नाइट्स विद कपिल’ को रीप्लेस करेगा ‘कॉमेडी नाईट्स बचाओ’  इंटरटेंमेंट चैनल ‘कलर्स’ जल्द ही ‘कॉमेडी नाईट्स बचाओ’ नाम से…

Being a woman is priceless

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An always adoring mother, a sweet sister, cautious perfect partner, a lauding instructor, lovable grandma, tattling aunts, shrewd companion or…

Psychology behind mess…

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All our lives, we’ve been advised to “be sorted out.” Organization has dependably been pegged as a direct key to…

Funniest ever on you tube….

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West all must have come across YouTube videos such as Honest Indian flights, 100 crore qtiyppa etc. at least once while surfing on…


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Apparently, John Thornton, 30, of Southington really likes a clean floor. Thornton was arrested in Bristol after he aggressively began…


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