CM of Madhya Pradesh lands in Delhi

New Delhi, July 8 :CM of Madhya Pradesh lands in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan touched base in Delhi on Wednesday.

Upon his landing, he declined to talk on the Vyapam trick, only saying that he is around the local area to participate in the Vishwa Hindi Sammelan.

“I am going to partake in the Vishwa Hindi Sammelan. After that, I will go to the Madhya Pradesh Bhavan,” he said.

Chouhan has been confronting the warmth over the trick after various charged and witnesses joined with the case allegedly kicked the bucket under baffling circumstances.

Upwards of 46 individuals connected with the trick as denounced or witnesses have kicked the bucket under strange circumstances, as per most recent reports.

Over the previous week, a specialist identified with the job trick, a medicinal school senior member and columnist Akshay Singh were additionally discovered dead.



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