Deepika Padukone: I am very very dependent on Shah Rukh Khan

Deepika Padukone: I am very very dependent on Shah Rukh Khan

Deepika Padukone has been caught up with shooting for her numerous undertakings including the showstopper Bajirao Mastani and the all that much anticipated Tamasha. In a meeting with DNA Deepika talked about her first co-star Shah Rukh Khan and how their fellowship has created throughout the years.

Deepika Padukone: I am very very dependent on Shah Rukh Khan

She said, “I have never been threatened or frightened in the matter of him and I give him the kudos for it. I am, extremely reliant on him now in wording of…(breaks off) You know there are dependably those couple of mathematical statements in everybody’s lives that you fabricate along the way and you realize that you can depend on those individuals. You can believe them and depend on them to arrive in case you’re ever stuck or befuddled about anything in life. He is without a doubt that individual in my life. I surmise that is the manner by which the relationship has developed.”

She included, “I recollect perusing that after Om Shanti Om, Farah (Khan) was annoyed with me in light of the fact that I had not stayed in contact. Yet, I didn’t know any better. In my psyche, I was thinking these are huge individuals, wouldn’t I be calling so as to irritate them, and so forth. I didn’t know how to behave. I needed to disclose this to her later, when I had the bravery to. I was similar to, Please don’t misjudge me’. I mean not just was I adjusting to another industry, I was adjusting to another city also. There was such a great amount of going on and in my brain, it was constantly like despite the fact that Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan said, Baby, in the event that you ever need anything, we are a telephone summon’, I generally felt they are stating it in light of the fact that they need to say it. I would be similar to How would I be able to call them now amidst the day, center of the night or area up at their home?'”

She additionally talked about the best counsel that SRK gave her. She said, “certain things you learn along the route just by watching individuals. I recollect that him letting me know, ‘Whatever film you do, verify you have a great time’. This thing has constantly stayed with me – doing movies where I know I’m going to have a ball and where I’m going to appreciate working with the individuals I am working with.”


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