Delhi Man Invited Daughter’s Alleged Rapist To Dinner Then Tortured Him To Death

An Indian father has been charged with murder after he invited his 14-year-old daughter’s alleged rapist to dinner before torturing him to death.

Jamil Gupta, 36, told police that he strangled Omkar Singh until he passed out before tying him up and burning his genitals with hot tongs.

Singh, 45, had allegedly raped and impregnated Gupta’s daughter before boasting that he was too well-connected to local police to ever be prosecuted.


The father invited Singh, his neighbour, round to his house on Saturday and cooked him dinner before launching the attack.

After killing the man, he walked to a police station in the Khajuri Khas district of north-eastern Delhi and handed himself in, giving officers a detailed account of what he had done.

According to the media reports, the father told police: ‘I burned his genitals once, he screamed. I did it again, he shuddered.

‘When I did it the third time he did not move – he was dead. I did not want to kill him.’

Police confirmed they found the dead man lying in the courtyard outside the Gupta’s house with bruising marks to his neck.

Officers added that his genitals were completely burned away.

In Gupta’s statement, he told officers that two months earlier, when he had been working in his shop, Singh, a medicine supplier, had called round his house.

Singh found the 14-year-old girl home alone and allegedly raped her.

She told her father, who did not inform the police for fear that family and neighbours would blame her.

The girl has been examined by doctors who confirmed she was pregnant from a sexual assault.


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