DNA Of Non-Violence Engrained In Our Society: Narendra Modi

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi today sought to address concerns of international community over India not signing the NPT by saying that the country’s commitment to peace and non-violence is engrained in the “DNA of Indian society” which is above any international treaty or processes.

“India is a land of Lord Buddha. “And Buddha is the symbol of peace,” he said, adding that India’s independent struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi.

Looking beyond “small” treaties and commitments to them, the Prime Minister said peace and non-violence was in the DNA of Indians.

Asked about Japan and Indian concerns on China, Mr. Modi pointed out that both Japan and India were democratic countries. Rather than focusing on others, we should concentrate on ourselves — our values, our commitment to peace.

Giving an analogy, Mr. Modi said if there is darkness in the room, someone will go with a broom to sweep it away, someone else will go with a sword, another with a very big blanket.

“But the wise will go with a small lamp, and there would be light,” the Prime Minister stressed. If we focus on building peace and prosperity, then we don’t have to be scared of darkness.

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