Dog Waits to Cross Road, Traffic Cop Helps Him Out

Dog Waits to Cross Road, Traffic Cop Helps Him Out

Thank God it’s Friday because it means you can spend the weekend watching this video of a traffic policeman helping a stray dog cross a busy street on repeat. Posted on August 1 on Facebook, the video is going viral with over 3.3 lakh views and 10,900 shares at the time of writing this.

Shot on a phone camera, the video shows a stray dog standing patiently next to a cop who’s waving traffic past. In no time at all, the oncoming vehicles double in number.

It’s only seconds later that you realize the dog is actually waiting to cross the road. Soon enough, the cop on duty walks right into the heavy traffic and halts cars, allowing the canine to trot across to the other side.

Traffic resumes the moment the dog is safely at his destination.

You’ve got to hand it to the dog for waiting its turn patiently, quite unlike most humans. We just hope the cop eventually got a woof of appreciation from the dog he helped out.

Take a look the incredible footage below:

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