Do’s and don’ts for skin care during monsoon

Dr James D’silva, cosmetic surgeon suggests some tips…

1. Taking hot showers: Steamy hot showers feel great on cold rainy days but hot water can damage facial skin. If you are prone to redness the heat can weaken capillaries making redness worse so use tepid water so that there is no skin damage.

2. Rushing your cleansing routine: The new trend of cleansing in a hurry using packet wipes is a complete no no. Inadequate cleansing can lead to bacteria build-up and skin break-outs.

3. Dieting: Sticking to a strict low-fat diet can age and dull skin. Good fats are crucial for skin health, repair, retaining moisture and flexibility. Snacks containing protein are the best option when cravings strike, especially nuts and seeds because they contain skin-friendly oils.


4. Footwear in monsoons: Monsoons mean humid, wet and sticky conditions, and this translates to sweaty feet, wet sticky shoes leading to fungal infections and other diseases. The roads are full of dirty water and muck, which enters foot wear. To make things worse, we wear wet and dirty shoes in office, for hours, and return home with swollen, unclean and smelly feet. This is why it’s very important to wash your feet every time you come back home.

Dry your feet completely before wearing new footwear or socks. Don’t wear closed shoes as they hold water making your feet sodden. Opt for waterproof, preferably open footwear. Bright rainwear floaters, are a rage these days.

5. Foot care in monsoon: Although a pedicure session needs to be done for a holistic foot care, it’s best advised to follow the procedure at home with your own sterile instruments. During monsoon it becomes difficult to maintain hygiene even in the best centres. So, if you opt to go to a salon, ensure that the instruments used are sterilised and cleansed with disinfectants. Never remove the cuticle of the nail since it keeps infection out. Feet are most vulnerable during this season.

If you go overboard with foot scrubbing, there is a chance that you might cause injury to yourself. The cracked skin tissue in turn will lead to bacterial infections, redness and ultimately swelling.



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