Effective remedies to lighten facial scars

Tired of hiding facial scars behind cakes of makeup? Here are some home remedies to get rid of facial scars with kitchen ingredients.


Olive oil – Use olive oil to massage the scars several times a day to lighten scars. You can also opt for a steam bath after the massage to open the pores and encourage the oil to seep in.

Sandalwood – Applying a paste of sandalwood powder, milk and rosewater on the scars can help lighten them gradually. Leave the paste on until it dries and then rinse with cold water for best results.

Potatoes – Cut potatoes into thin slices and place them on the scars. You can also mash raw potatoes and apply their juice on them for better results.

Almonds – Grind soaked almonds to make a fine paste and apply this on to the scars. Wash off with cold water once the mix dries.

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