To enter paradise, become a suicide bomber: Boko Haram to 13-year-old girl

An Islamic State sheik took the money–it wasn’t much, 12 U.S. dollars–and said ‘this is your cost.'”

Aggressors in the feature straightforwardly talk about purchasing the ladies, who they see as “heathens.” They deal over costs, saying young ladies with blue eyes are worth more.

ISIS rules (went out as a flyer, likewise accessible online) permit contenders to take Jewish, Christian and Yazidi ladies, including virgins and prepubescent young ladies.

A portion of the young ladies caught in August were compelled to wed and believer, yet others were gone among different men. A lady called “Janar” talked about one of these slave young ladies:

“There was one 11-year-old young lady. They beat her a great deal. They offered her to one contender and afterward to another from Mosul. We heard that she executed herself later in Mosul.”

Numerous Yazidi ladies use suicide as a way to get out from their lives as sexual slaves, as per a report by Amnesty International called “Getaway from Hell.” The report profiles 42 ladies who endured ill-uses while held in imprisonment by ISIS.

The stories from these ladies indicate how ISIS efficiently targets non-Sunni Muslims, and singles out the Yazidi for the most savage treatment:

“I wish I could cut all of them into pieces,” said a survivor named Janar.

Kurdish powers say no less than 3,500 Yazidi ladies and young ladies are as yet miss

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