Facebook deactivates Poonam Pandey’s Account

A visibly upset Poonam tweeted-“Really Sad that my Official @facebook Page got Deactivated! It had over 2.1Million fans … Let me Know Tweethearts how can I get it back?”

With a following of 2.1 million, Poonam’s ‘sins’must have been too many and too great to have been tolerated by the Facebook team.

Poonam Pandey New Hot Spicy Images

Facebook normally deactivates account only if a person has used a fake name, is under age, has joined too many groups,  posted in too many groups, sent too many friend requests, advertised apps, used it for marketing and posted offensive content etc. Now, it is not hard for us to guess why Poonam’s account must have been suspended.


Poonam Pandey has been using social media for her personal publicity and keeps tantalizing, exciting fans through her sensational updates. She is famous because of these networking sites and it’s really scary to think of what would become of her if she is deleted from Twitter too.


It’s high time Poonam learns her lesson and exercises some restrains if she wants to exist in the virtual world!

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