Fans love Akshay Kumar in comic roles the most!

Brothers showed us what heavyweight wrestler Akshay Kumar can pack. He is rough, tough and almost invincible until his younger brother comes along. Akshay is an actor who likes to break monotony in his life everytime it threatens to settle in. He has been continuously reinventing himself with different looks and avatars. We have loved him in every new experiment that he did on himself. Action, comedy, drama everything. But we wanted to know what you like Akshay most in and the answer is clear. Comedy is what you love!

Fans love Akshay Kumar in comic roles the most!

Akshay was rightfully called the Khiladi of Bollywood because he used to perform insane stunts in his films. But obviously, after a point, things got too stale for anybody’s liking. Too much of Khiladi spoiled the fun for Akshay and he made a switch, something nobody saw coming. He turned to comedy with Hera Pheri. His impeccable comic timing in the film was a revelation. That’s it! Akshay was then seen in a volley of such films that hit the marquee like Welcome, Garam Masala, Deewane Huey Pagal, Heyy Baby and others. In between all his comedies, Akshay also tried to do certain other films which ideally wasn’t associated with him. The likes of Namastey London andAankhen won him both the audience and critics but they all had the comic side of him at display. No wonder that fans voted the most for his comic avatar and made it win the poll with 47.01 percent.

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