Fashion Update: Summer Trend 2014

For a day at the races or other smart summer outings, choose outfits that are not only apt for the occasion, but also those that fit well with your personality


Stylists of cosmetic brand Colour Me Beautiful have put together tips on how to dress for summer events where you stand a chance to get photographed, reports

* Your personality: Be yourself. Don’t become frivolous and flowery if you feel better in something simple. Equally, just because it’s smart, it doesn’t mean you have to go classic or matchy-matchy. Think about what works for you. Being yourself will help you feel more comfortable and you will have more fun in the process.

* Your style: You don’t have to be absolutely on trend, it is more important that you choose something that ticks all the boxes for you and makes you look good. Think about things such as length, where the waist is, sleeves or no sleeves and what works for your shape and personal style.

* Colour and pattern: Yellow is stealing the show this season, but blue follows closely behind. White always looks feminine and super fresh in the summer, but it doesn’t work for everyone or all events (for instance, weddings). Other great colours for occasion dresses are pink and orange for bold or pastels in mint, lemon, pink or blue.

* If you are considering pattern, you need to decide whether your outfit is going to be a one-off or something you’ll want to wear again and again. Make sure the pattern is in proportion to your scale. You don’t need to over-accessorize with pattern.

* Hats or fascinators: Make sure yours suits your face shape and that the brim doesn’t extend beyond your shoulders. Choose a flattering colour that complements your outfit, but it doesn’t have to be the same colour. Beware of black trims too, they can throw a dark shadow on your face.


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