Fatwa Against A R Rahman, Majidi for Prophet Film

Fatwa Against A R Rahman, Majidi for Prophet Film

A Mumbai-based Sunni Muslim bunch Raza Academy has issued a fatwa against music executive A R Rahman and Iranian movie producer Majid Majidi for their film ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’, first of the set of three on the life of Prophet Mohammad. The fatwa said Rahman and Majidi were “unbeliever” and their relational unions “invalid”.

Fatwa Against A R Rahman, Majidi for Prophet Film

It asks Muslims to dismiss the film as well as “challenge against such a film at the individual and lawful level with a specific end goal to get such individuals (who made this film) rebuffed”. Raza Academy, which had stopped a grumbled against the film to Union home clergyman Rajnath Singh and Maharashtra boss pastor Devendra Fadnavis, drew nearer Mufti Mahmood Akhtarul Qadri, the imam of Haji Alig Dargah Masjid, two or three days prior with an inquiry regarding the discipline for the individuals who are connected with a film where a kid performing artist assumes the Prophet’s part. “It is out and out a wrongdoing to make a film on the Prophet, performing his life and utilizing non-Muslim actors…Making such a film is making a joke of religion,” the fatwa said.

“After we challenged a week ago, we thought the general population included in making the film (like Majidi and Rahman) would apologize and review this impious film. Since there was no reaction from both of them or the Iranian government (Iran has supported this film), we are compelled to look for fatwa. Direction from a skilled religious power was essential thus we drew closer a mufti (one who gives fatwa),” Raza Academy’s general secretary Saeed Noori said.


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