Friendship Day:How we Celebrated back in school

Friendship day is a special day dedicated to friends to honour their friendship. Every year it falls on the first Sunday of August and this year it falls on 3 August 2014.

It is one of the most awaiting day among the youngsters to express their feelings to their loved ones. Whereas, for adults, it is the day to recollect all those incredible moments in life that they spent with their friends.

Here are ten things that used to happen on Friendship Day back in school.

1. The first thing to do for Friendship Day was to make a list of friends and categorize them into ‘close friends’ and ‘not-so-close friends.’ Most of us got extra bands to be on the safer side as you never know someone out of your list may get one for you.

2. Expensive gifts, cards or bands were bought for best friends and cheaper ones for others.

3.Finally on the day everybody goes to school with smiling faces and curious eyes to find out what is awaiting for them.

4.There was a competition among the kids to find out who got the largest number of friendship bands and he or she will be recognized as the most popular kid in the school.

5.The day was not just celebrated to admire good friends, but it was a day to express your love to someone. Kids who got rejected on Valentine’s Day used to try their luck on this day by offering a friendship band to their special friend.


6.Tying a friendship band to a person of the opposite gender was assumed as a beginning of a new relationship. If a girl ties a friendship band on a guy’s wrist in front of everyone, then it was assumed that they had crushes on each other.

7. More than boys, this day was special for the girls. All their creative ideas used to come out on this day. From making friendship bands by themselves to buying cheesy twin pendants that could split into two, were the ways to express their love for their best friends.

8. With the advent of the Internet, Friendship Day celebration took a new face. E-cards have become the best way to wish each other by sending links through those ‘cool dude’ and ‘smart girl’ email IDs.

9.While most of the kids find their joy in tying friendship bands as well as exchanging gifts and cards, some do not forget to get their ‘Slam Books’ filled.

10.Besides this, there were some darker side of this day. Egos were hurt and friendships were broken if any of your friend forgets to get a friendship band for you.

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