Gang Rape : 14-Year-Old Allegedly Sets Herself on Fire

Gang Rape in Mathura

A 14-year-old young lady supposedly set herself ablaze in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura region after she was gang raped by five men of her town.

The teen, who sustained 70 per cent burn injuries, is being treated at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital.

The young lady was purportedly pack assaulted on Sunday evening when she ventured out of her home in Kosi Kalan zone to utilize the latrine. Her family supposedly attempted to conceal the occurrence. On Tuesday, the young lady supposedly poured lamp oil and set herself ablaze at her home.

“When I woke up, I saw her in flames… I poured water on her to put out the flames,” said the teen’s brother.

“We heard her screaming for help,” said a neighbour.

The police have arrested the five accused including a minor and filed a case of rape.

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