Gangrape in Dharamsala, Another Nirbhya Repeated

Gangrape in Dharamsala

The Educational Institute of Dharamsala is in the news these days with the student Gang rape news is talk of town. accused are said to be four in number and they are senior of her in same institution. They treated have so brutality that her Internal parts such as Utrers was brought out of body.

School 2

According to sources she was brought to Tanda Medical College for treatment. but has been shifted to some other place after attempt on life at hospital premise.

some political conspiracy to save accused is also not denied

The police denied having any information, but Sources saying that an IPS officer Shalini Agnihotri is investigating the matter. Police haven’t got an FIR registered yet as none from victims family hasn’t register the complained

Vicitm is said be belong to Chamba,

some student organization besieged Institute are set to be disclosed. Discussion among the public that the case has political overtones, why police is silent.

According to information from the police station to meet throughout the day on Sunday, CID and other branch people were action-packed day in an attempt to confirm the news, but did not get any information about the incident. The police source said, “yet neither the complaint nor any FIR has been registered. However, we do our best to police such an event to be explored. But what was not known was that. ”

The police source said that the Principal of college did not have any complaint of the girl’s and her mental state is not well described. However, the police investigation is engaged in trying to find out if this rumor, then who spread and if it is the truth, then he is the victim and who is where. ”

Source : In Himachal

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