How to get a sculpted look through make-up

Here’s a four-step contouring guide to get that perfectly-carved face.
To slim down a stubby nose: Use a powder two shades darker than your skin tone and shade on either side of the nasal bone. You can also make your nasal bone prominent by applying a thin layer of concealer on it.
For a chiselled jaw: Shade from the outermost edge under your cheekbones, up to three-quarters of the way to your chin. Follow a line from under your cheekbones to your chin, curving towards your chin halfway. Lightly shade under your chin, just below your jawline.

To tone down chubby cheeks: Starting from the outermost edge of your cheekbones, shade under the cheekbones and towards your mouth. Blend the edges into your cheeks.

For narrowing a broad forehead: Shade the sides, as well as the top of your forehead along the hairline.


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