Go Back Indian Media: A Letter To The Indian Media From A Nepali – Nepal Earthquake victims say Indian media doing PR for Government

Go Back Indian Media


The Indian media is confronting fire for its scope of the tremor fiasco in Nepal with grievances in the social networking that it was regarding the catastrophe as an “advertising activity” for the Indian government. As Nepal grabs pieces in the outcome of a month ago’s staggering quake that killed more than 7,000 individuals and harmed more than 14,000, some have picked openings in the “determined and forceful” scope by the Indian media.

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By Sunday evening #GoHomeIndianMedia, which was made on Twitter for pummeling the Indian media, was the top drifting hashtag in Nepal with more than 60,000 tweets on the theme. “…Media humiliated poor Nepal in order to take credit & cheap publicity in the hour of crisis. Sad,” said one tweet.

As melancholy stricken individuals in Nepal took to online networking in huge numbers to whine what they called as Indian media’s “inhumane” reportage of the most exceedingly bad seismic tremor to hit the Himalayan country in 80 years, the feedback unexpectedly went ahead the event of the World Press Freedom day on Sunday. Angry Nepalese flocked to Twitter in their numbers, protesting what they have been calling the insensitive, triumphant and jingoistic coverage of the earthquake that devastated the country.

In a blog published on CNN, Sunita Shakya of Nepali origin writes, “Your media and media personnel are acting like they are shooting some kind of family serials.”

Some tweets said that Nepal is a sovereign country and not a “satellite state”. [email protected] our Dharahara may have fallen not our sovereignty! Sinerely Nepalese #GoHomeIndianMedia, said one tweet while another sarcastically said, “Mr. @narendramodi please call your media back. They r just hurting us more.”

“The height of event management!!! Shame on media’s sycophancy,” read another tweet. “#GoHomeIndianMedia is about Indian Media. It has nothing to do with Indian Government. Indian Government was the first to reach Nepal,” was another tweet.

An article in by Outlook magazine that appeared before the hashtag began trending said, “Four days after the earthquake, Union minister of state for home Kiren Rijiju told Parliament that India had emerged as “a leading nation in disaster response”. While such sentiment is evidently widespread in the Himalayan nation and is obviously gratifying to Indians, the uneasy question being asked is whether India should have been crowing about its relief efforts.”

“The Indian Army helicopters are carrying their own media men thus they have few room for the earthquake victims. More than 150 Indian media men are in Nepal to cover the damage done by the massive earthquake. Whereas, the Nepal Army with its limited resources have airlifted more than 400 victims, the Indian Army helicopters have only rescued 118 people. On Tuesday, the Indian helicopters only rescued 32 victims, according to a communiqué issued by the public relations department of the Nepal Army.”

This was also echoed by Shakya who said, “Thanks to tons of reporters who came to Nepal from those rescue planes of India, you took a seat where a victim could be transported to hospitals/ health camps. Thanks to you all reporters, you took a seat where a bag of food and supplies could be placed to send to those hardly hit places.”


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