Go, Goa, Gone…Young Girls, Short Dresses And Pubs.!!

Echoing controversial Sriram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik’s voice, a Goan minister has given a statement that the practice of young girls visiting pubs in short dresses is against local culture and should be stopped. 

“The (practice of) young girls going to pubs in short dresses does not fit in our culture. What will happen to our Goan culture, if we allow this?…The scantily dressed girls visiting pubs project wrong culture and this should be stopped,” the PWD minister Sudin Dhavalikar has reportedly said. 

The minister quoted saying, “Whatever Muthalik is saying is not wrong. He is not speaking against any religion. Everyone has a right to speak about his own religion.” Sri Ram Sene activists had attacked girls and men in a pub in Mangalore in 2009, claiming the women were violating traditional Indian values.

Dhavlikar said: “Muthalik is against pub culture and he is right in opposing it. Dhavlikar also ruled out banning Muthalik from opening branch of his outfit in Goa as demanded by Congress, saying “You cannot ban anybody going anywhere. I can go anywhere in India.” 

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