Haryana man announced free of AIDS by Guwahati-based doctor

Guwahati-based therapeutic practioner Dr. Dhaniram Baruah, has guaranteed that he has cured a moderately aged man from Haryana of AIDS with the assistance of hereditary designing exploration.

Dr. Baruah said that he has been included with hereditary designing for as long as two decades, and has gained the instruments to treat HIV-AIDS.

Vijender Singh, the moderately aged man from Haryana, who had tried positive for AIDS, is presently asserting that he is totally cured.

At a question and answer session here on Wednesday, Dr.Baruah, exhibited Vijender Singh before the press, furthermore propelled a two-volume book that he has wrote on the subject of AIDS.

The book is titled ” Reaching the Unreachable with Baruah Combat Genes”.

Sharing his experience, Vijendra singh said that in the ballpark of seven years back he had some way or another became more acquainted with about Dr. Baruah and reached him for his AIDS treatment.

He said that he was given just five infusions for cure from the sickness.

Professionally an autoricksaw driver, Singh had experienced a restorative test in Rohtak, where he was discovered to be HIV positive and was not able to get up from his bed while being dealt with by Dr.Baruah. However, now, his medicinal reports have demonstrated that he no more experiences the ailment.

Dr. Baruah said there are sufficient mindfulness programs about HIV-AIDS as likewise preparatory measures, however no evidence of giving alleviation.

Dr. Baruah said that the treatment has been discovered and the cure lies in his solution which he has named as “BARUAH COMBAT GENES”, which is readied from herbs.

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