Have you heard of the Python Massage?

Offered by a zoo in the Philippines, it’s the latest entrant to the world of bizarre beauty. Is gross the replacement for gorgeous?

Not everyone can say no to a massage, as it’s one of the most stress-relieving techniques. But this one may not just have you saying forget it, but nodding in disbelief too! A zoo in Cebu, Philippines is allowing tourists to get a new ‘snake massage’ via four huge Burmese pythons (weighing a combined 250kg)! The regimen is available in other places, like Bali. Imagine having a snake as a masseuse? Judging by its takers, more folks are apparently looking at reptiles as stress-busters…

How it works
The five metre-long snakes are said to slither across the brave participants. And they are, reportedly, fed 10 chickens before the massage, so they don’t feel any desire to snack on their clients. The kneading and trembling sensations on the skin are said to give relief and give a massage. Another idea mulls over the fact that the massage might be inducing a sort of psychological relief-release which comes after an adrenaline build-up during the process.

Wait, you can’t scream!
There are several things you should not do during the massage session:
- You’re told not to blow air on the snake.
- You cannot shout for help either as the snake can feel your vibrations and will think you are a predator.
- Of course, don’t attempt to get up and run away either.


Wellness gone wacky?
Here are other weird beauty treatments that people have been trying:

Leech facial: Actress Demi Moore has admitted to trying this out. It involves first having a turpentine bath and then letting special medical leeches suck out the blood in a bid to detoxify you.
Sheep placenta cream: These aim to stimulate cell growth and slow down the process of aging.
Snail slime gel: Snail slime is also in hot demand these days. Said to have moisturising properties due to proteins, glycolic acids and elastin content, it’s apparently used in a cream by actress Katie Holmes.
Bird dropping facials: Victoria Beckham is a big fan of the Geisha facial, which has bird poop as an ingredient.

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