Health and Beauty benefits of Coconut water!

During summer everyone like to intake cool drinks, ice creams to keep their body cool. But these products affect their health because of its artificial ingredients. Coconut water is the best alternate for cool drinks and also beat the heat of your body.

Coconut water is a juice inside young coconut. In most of the countries this water is used as medicine for many diseases. Nowadays coconut waters are highly recommended as perfect sports drinks for athletics because of its high amount of potassium and minerals. If you know the benefits of coconut water then you definitely drink this water every day. Let us see the benefits and nutritional fact of coconut water in your daily life.

Coconut Water

Common benefits of coconut water everyday

Increase Height

Coconut water contains lot of vitamins and minerals that your body need every day. So I highly recommended for adult and growing children to drink coconut water early morning. It helps to increase their body height naturally.

Avoid Dehydration

Coconut water helps to prevent your body from dehydration.

Fight against Premature Ageing

Regular Intake of coconut water every day helps to keep your body young and energetic.

Best for Glowing Skin and Hair

It is one of the best natural remedy for glowing skin and makes your hair healthy. Drink coconut water helps to prevent from hair loss.

Avoid Tiredness

When you become very tired then drink coconut water immediately energize you at that minute.

Keeps Body Cool

It helps to prevent your organs such as eyes, lungs, kidney and blood vessels from heat.

Prevents Indigestion

Coconut water improves the functioning of digestive system and prevent from indigestion in your life 


 Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water

1. The top most important health benefits of coconut water is to prevent you from kidney stones.

2. Coconut water is the best health tonic for cholera disease affected persons. Add one tea spoon of lemon juice into coconut water quickly recover from these disease.

3. Natural sugar content in the coconut water helps to destroy disease causing pathogenic microbes in your body.

4. During menstruation most of the women suffered by lower stomach pain. At that time do not take any solid foods and drink coconut water. It gives quick recover from the pain.

5. After surgery doctors recommended to intake liquid foods as an alternate for solid foods. During this time drink coconut water daily helps to cure surgical sore wounds quickly.

6. For general weakness and urinary infection coconut water is the important remedy to restore their health to normal.

7.It brings an instant glow to your skin. For this, wash your face with coconut water every day. This will soon give you a glowing, smooth, and even-toned skin. Also, a pack of turmeric, coconut water, and red sandalwood paste will help you get a smooth and flawless complexion.

8.As it is light in consistency, it can also be used as a natural moisturiser. It helps in reducing the oil and greasiness of the skin. It is highly recommended for people with oily skin.

9.It can cure your sun tan as well. For this, apply a pack of multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and coconut water daily. This natural face pack removes tan and dark spots, leaving your skin with a radiant glow.

10.If you have a dry and dull skin, a splash of coconut water or a gentle dab of it can rehydrate your skin instantly. Besides this, coconut water is a fantastic hydrating alternative to water.

11.Drinking it can cure dehydration, thereby keeping your skin soft and supple. It is this dehydration in the body which does not allow the excretion of body toxins, leading to several skin related ailments.

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