Health Minister Proposes Floating Clinics In Submerged Srinagar

Realizing that boats are the only mean of transportation in flood-affected Jammu and Kashmir and all hospital in the valley are still submerged under 15 feet flood water and slush, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has proposed that boats should be mobilised to send medicines to the people of the flooded areas. These “floating clinics” can be used to deliver medicines, first aid and other supplies.

Dr. Vardhan said his proposal had been received “positively” by the Jammu and Kashmir government. “The Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has directed his officials to mobilise the available boats and start something on an urgent basis. Meanwhile, I am arranging for doctors and health workers,” he said.

Efforts are being made to reach people suffering from diabetes and hypertension who need medicines immediately. The Ministry has also urged the State’s Health Secretary and other officials to dispose of the carcasses lying around Srinagar. Cautioning against the spread of diseases on account of the dead animals, the Minister has called for the launch of an information-education-communication-intervention to make people aware of the need to boil water before drinking.

“I have urged for central monitoring of water supply. For people cut off, I have advised that chlorine tablets be supplied. Just one tablet dissolved in 20 litres of water could safeguard people against water-borne diseases,” Dr. Vardhan said.

The Minister said all efforts were being made by the Army, the BSF and other agencies to offer medical care. “There are a large number of doctors from Delhi’s central government hospitals who rushed there,” he said.

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