Have you heard of In-Shower Body Moisturisers?

It is no secret that moisturising your skin daily improves the way it looks and feels. Moreover, it’s a foolproof way of combating dryness. But your hectic schedule often doesn’t permit you to follow a fixed beauty regimen.

With in-shower moisturisers hitting the cosmetic shelves, you no longer need to worry about taking out that extra time for applying body lotion. These moisturisers serve as a hassle-free and convenient idea to look after your skin. Apply them while you’re still in the shower and then rinse. They can easily fit into your existing shower routine and there’s no need to wait for them to dry after applying. This means you can now take a shower, dress up and you’re ready for the day!


Body lotion vs. in-shower moisturisers
The composition of ingredients in an in-shower conditioner is different from that in a body lotion. The key moisturising ingre dient in the for mer is glycerin, a well-known skincare emulsion, which pre vents the skin from drying out. Moreover, it also contains caring oils that get activated in water and absorbed into the skin immediately. In-shower conditioners deliver more moisture to the skin than shower gels with moisturising benefits. They work for all skin types and leave the complexion feeling nourished and hydrated.

How to use
In-shower moisturisers don’t contain any cleansing properties. So, first cleanse with a normal shower product and rinse off.

Apply the moisturiser while still in the shower. Use the appropriate amount to cover the whole body, like a normal body lotion.

Rinse off well leaving no residue and you’re good to go.

Just like a shampoo or hair conditioner, it leaves a light, slippery residue.Ensure you rinse away any remaining product from the shower floor or bathtub to prevent slipping.

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