Highlights of PM Modi Adresses on 15 August

PM Modi Adresses on 15 August
My dear people of India, on this occasion my greetings to all of you
This 15th August morning is not an ordinary morning. This is the world’s biggest democracy’s Independence Day
It’s a morning of hope, dreams and aspirations of 125 crore Indians
India’s diversity is celebrated world over
There’s unity in every corner of India
Indian diversity, simplicity, unity is our wealth
There is no place for casteism or communalism, it won’t be tolerated
Jan Bhagidari is the biggest asset of a democracy
Be it MyGov, letters from citizens, Mann Ki Baat, communication with people…daily Jan Bhagidari is increasing
India is developing because of Team India
There is a new atmosphere of trust
All our schemes must serve the poor
Nobody wants to remain poor. Those who are poor want to move away from poverty. That’s why, all our programmes must be for the poor
The doors of the banks were not open for the poor. We decided this must end. We wanted to strengthen financial inclusion
Bank accounts are essential for integrating the poor into the financial system
After all who are the banks for, they are for the poor
When the branch of a bank is built somewhere, people rejoice. But this is still easy. Getting people to those banks takes effort
The doors of the banks were not open for the poor. We decided this must end. We wanted to strengthen financial inclusion
17 crore people opened accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana
Rs. 20,000 crore have been deposited by the poor in banks
All our programmes and institutions should be helpful to the poor; have to empower them through financial inclusion
We have emphasised on a new work culture
Last time from the Red Fort I spoke about toilets and cleanliness. People wondered what kind of PM is he, talking about these issues
If there is something that has touched every person, it is the movement towards cleanliness
People from all walks of life, spiritual leaders, media friends, celebrities, everyone has worked to create awareness
Who has given maximum strength to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan? It is the children of India
We introduced Shramev Jayate Yojana. It is an effort to change the way we look at the workers of India
Dignity of labour has to be our national duty, it has to be a part of our nature
Some people like to remain in ‘Nirasha’. And they are not satisfied till they have spoken about it to other people
India can be free of corruption, need lots of measures
Some people are worried about tough law on black money; it has ensured that nobody dares to take black money out of the country
We need to increase agricultural productivity and we are working in that direction
India cannot develop till the eastern part of India develops
We affirm our commitment to provide electricity to all those villages that do not have electricity
We are looking at systems for enabling start-ups. We must be Number 1 in start-ups. ‘Start-up India’ and ‘Stand up India’
Why does somebody have to seek ‘Seefarish’ when a job is sought. It is not proper
The issue of ‘One Rank One Pension’ came up in front of every government. Some even made small promises. Issue could not be solved
I assure the servicemen and I am saying it under the Tricolour from the Red Fort – we have accepted OROP. Some talks are still on
The way the talks are going on I am expecting something positive


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