Holiday wardrobes cost double the amount for women

Holiday costs may be spiralling, but it’s got more to do with the clothes than the prices of flights and accommodation.

New research reveals that women are spending £269 on their holiday wardrobe splashing out on new clothes, double the amount that men are.

Most people will upgrade their holiday wardrobe this year; only 11% admitted they wouldn’t be buying anything new to pack. 64% of women said the reason they were planning on refreshing their wardrobe was to ensure they didn’t get tagged on Facebook or Instagram wearing the same outfit as last year.


Men it seems aren’t as fashion conscious on holiday, with only 42% saying they intend to update their clothing collection before jetting away. On average men will spend half of what women will, a thrifty £135.

Online travel agent Holiday Hypermarket who conducted the research also found that over half of men and 78% of women said they will be treating themselves to a new wardrobe to feel more confident on holiday.

With the average cost of a holiday (including accommodation and flights) around £460 per person, a woman’s summer wardrobe is adding another 58% to the true cost of a summer getaway.

Ian Crawford from Holiday Hypermarket said: “It’s no secret that people like to look good on holiday and it is a chance to buy new clothes. It’s interesting to see how much men and women are spending and it’s a good job people can save money by booking a holiday with us!”



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