How has Katrina-Deepika’s equation developed over this year?

How has Katrina-Deepika’s equation developed over this year?

In the relatively recent past, in the times of catfights, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif were known not sharing ‘no mathematical statements’ with one another by any stretch of the imagination. Be that as it may, appears like those days are no more.

This year specifically, things have been really great between the two driving women of tinselville. Before the meet-and-welcome embrace, they stayed agreeable out in the open yet there were numerous reports of them being frigidly genial prior. With numerous guesses and some open articulations, a great deal had been talked about things between them. Some genuine and some overstated.


But 2015 is different. The ladies are often spotted and quoted praising each other and all seems well between the two. They might have had some history over their common ‘Kapoor’ link but looks like they have moved on, certainly.

Be it Deepika’s wed Ranbir exhortation, or Katrina clearing up that there is no ill will between the two, or them discussing their blending with Ranbir, or welcoming the other one’s triumphs; in the most recent six months Kat-Dippy have said some truly pleasant things in regards to one another.

How has Katrina-Deepika's equation developed over this year?


Deepika at Star Guild Awards (Jan 2015)

“If I were Katrina, my New Year resolution would be to marry Ranbir.”


Katrina at India Today Conclave (March 2015)

“I am not going to speak about my personal life. I also read from time to time these articles, to be quite frank. Recently, there was an article that we were in the same hotel or something. That is okay, we are colleagues and there is no animosity between me or anyone in the film industry.”


Deepika to NDTV (May 2015) (Cannes)

It’s a huge platform and I am extremely proud of Katrina, Sonam, Aishwarya and everyone there,” the 29-year-old said. “Hopefully, one day I will also be able to make it there,” she added.


Deepika to Mumbai Mirror (June 2015)

I also invited Ranbir and Katrina (Kaif) but I can understand them not wanting to party since I’ve gone through similar phases in my career.


Katrina said to DNA (August,2015)

“Much as I love everybody in the list of people you gave me, I can honestly say that I really don’t have an opinion on the matter. Let us put it this way. It is not something I give a lot of thought to. That means giving the matter too much importance and I am not going to sit and think that I look better than her with Ranbir. Deepika is a great actress, will make a great pair with anyone, any male actor she is paired with. I think I make a great pair with Ranbir and Ranveer also!”


Katrina to Rajeev Masand (August 2015)

“It is an interesting question because I also read that. When I was reading that, I wanted to ask the person that do I look very, very, silly to you? Like when you think of Katrina, do you think I am very silly? When you think of Ranbir, do you think of a silly person? When you think of Deepika, do you think of a silly person? NO! We are not silly, foolish people. We are not! I don’t go storming on to the sets if I am not invited or if I am not meant to be there, and stand and go Hmmm!! (makes a wicked face) Nobody does that yaar (laughs).”

She added, “I just think these people have got such wild imagination. But at the same time I will not blame anyone because I will not, I have not, and probably will continue not to.”

Even though not best-of-friends, but all is certainly on the good side between Deepika and Katrina.

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