How Just 8 Glasses Of Water Can Help You To Shed The Pounds

How Just 8 Glasses Of Water Can Help You To Shed The Pounds

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is a ‘rule’ that most people are familiar with, but in medical terms it’s actually a general guideline borne out of the fact that the typical glass tends to hold approximately eight fluid ounces, so remembering ‘8 by 8’ is fairly easy. In Europe capacity tends to be measured in millilitres and 8-10 200ml glasses of water a day meets the European Food Safety Authority’s recommendation that adults should drink 1.6 or 2 litres per day, for men and women respectively. While all non-alcoholic beverages count, water is recognised as one of the healthiest options.


The health benefits of drinking plentiful water are numerous. Muscles and other vital organs work more effectively, skin is more supple with less distinct lines or wrinkles and, of course, dehydration – which can be life threatening – is less likely to occur. However, drinking the recommended amount of water each day can also have a powerful effect on helping to lose excess weight.

Reducing your calorie count

For many people, overeating is the simple cause of becoming overweight. Drinking water is an effective way to reduce calorie intake, not only because it has a zero calorie count and is therefore a healthy alternative to sweet, calorie-laden beverages, but also because a glass of water can help to limit food intake. A glass 20 minutes before a meal not only suppresses hunger, thereby discouraging unhealthy snacking, but also means you are likely to feel less hungry and will eat a smaller portion of food – resulting in an average reduction of 75 calories per meal.

Burning up excess calories

A slow metabolism is the stuff of nightmares for people trying to lose weight as it can make those extra calories difficult to shift. Drinking plentiful water helps to improve metabolism, meaning calories get burnt up more quickly, especially – according to some – if the water is ice cold when you drink it. As the eight glasses rule is only a general guide, it may be necessary to drink more if you are carrying a lot of additional weight.

Boosting your exercise plan

Exercise is also an important part of any weight loss programme, but becoming tired or suffering from aching joints after only a few minutes is likely to put an end to your workout fairly quickly. Drinking water, however, is an important way of elongating your workout. Not only is it essential for replacing the fluids lost through sweating, and therefore helping to prevent dehydration, water enables the muscles to work more effectively, preventing cramps and helping your joints to stay lubricated. With an adequate water intake, you’ll be pounding the pavements or the treadmill for longer.



Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is an effective way of giving your weight loss program a real boost, helping you to kick unhealthy habits, exercise for longer and burn up unwanted calories more quickly. Combined with a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables, water is an essential ingredient for all healthy lifestyles.


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